Standard Driving Lessons

We offer standard driving lessons; we're a driving school, it's what we do!

But did you know you have a better chance of succeeding with us? The county pass rate is a mere 44%, but pupils who chose Stuarts Driving School are achieving a 70% pass rate.

Drivers MOT

Not only do we offer standard driving lessons but we also do refresher courses as well. Think of it as an M.O.T, but for your driving skills, either you have not driven for a few years or perhaps the roads seem a bit different these days. We can work with you to re-enforce what you already know and build your driving confidence.

Pass Plus (reduce insurance premiums by 30%)

How would like like to reduce your initial insurance premium by up to 30% without taking another test? For just a few extra hours with one of our experienced instructors, you can gain additional valuable driving experience and build up on your existing skills and knowledge. Also the Hampshire County Council are currently sponsoring Pass Plus so you could claim up to £75 towards the cost of the course by clicking this link.

ECO-Safe Driving

Everyone is trying to reduce bills right now. Did you know that you can reduce wear and tear on your car, reduce your fuel bill and help save the planet all at the same time?

The DIAmond Advanced Driving Test

Lessons beyond basic learner training. Gain the confidence to cope in adverse conditions. Leant to read the road and react to hazards in a planned and systematic way.

Did you also know that changes to Health and Safety laws now make it the responsibility of the company to ensure that all employees who drive as part of their job should be trained to DIAmond level?